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Home Delivery


Ensenda is a home delivery expert across North America and Canada.  We handle a variety of product types including electronics, furniture and much more.  Because delivering inside of a customer’s home is a sensitive process our delivery partners receive specialized training, are properly uniformed and carry the proper insurance to create the best delivery experiences possible.

Ensenda Reduced Damages by 75% & Lowered Dwell Times for a Cabinet Manufacturer.

A large manufacturer of kitchen cabinets historically used a variety of fragmented carriers and cross-docks to deliver cabinets from their factories to end customers (consumers and builders). The manufacturer consistently experienced issues with long dwell times of up to five days before delivery occurred, damages, lost items and customer delays. Despite tight measurement of the damage rates, the manufacturer was not able to reduce the damage rates which were a continual drain on the company profit margin. With cabinets often not delivered within five days, left in the wrong drop location, high damage rates and an increasingly unsatisfied sales force, this manufacturer needed a new way of handling delivery to their customers.

Ensenda started providing services in a pilot for this customer but within months expanded to cover a large portion of the US and Canada. We implemented a strict standard operating procedure, required two-man delivery teams and focused on specialized cabinet handling and delivery procedures to drive down damage rates.  The result was a reduction in the damage related expenses by an impressive 75% over a two year period. Ensenda also worked with our carriers and the customer to more effectively schedule delivery and improved dwell times from five days to less than two.

Today, Ensenda is the leading provider two person scheduled home delivery for a wide range of customers.