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Payment Processing


Ensenda allows customers to outsource the audit and account payable functions associated with managing a carrier network. Our platform streamlines freight bill audit and pay by eliminating the need to review invoices from each carrier, removing the possibility of overcharging, and simplifying the claims management process.  Invoices and EDI feeds can also be custom formatted with GL codes that are recognizable by your accounting systems.

Benefits of Ensenda Payment Processing:

  • Pre-Auditing
  • Carrier Payments Management
  • Rate Standardization
  • Rate Visibility
  • GL Coding
  • Short-Pay Management
  • Dispute Handling
  • Accessorial Controls

Ensenda Technology and Payment Auditing Lower Carrier Spend

An Industrial distributor that served their clients with branches in over 350 markets was experiencing a loss of control with their local branch deliveries which they had outsourced to over 200 carriers nationwide.

A wide variety of challenges ensued:  The local carriers all had different rate structures; some charged by zip codes, some by mileage, and some by zones, others by weight, and all had dozens of different types of accessorial charges.  Additionally, service levels and tracking capabilities were different for all carriers.  With limited transportation department staff, limited IT dollars and increasing service demands from their customers, they turned to Ensenda for our Enterprise Technology and Payment Processing modules to solve the problem.

Through a seamless integration with Ensenda’s platform and implementation of our payment processing module, the distributor was able to gain a single point for delivery injection, rating and event tracking, regardless of the different local carriers they continued to use.  The distributor’s local branches were happy to keep the long term relationships that they had built with their existing carriers and benefitted from the enhanced technology that allowed them to have uniform services, uniform price structures and a single portal for tracking and viewing proof of delivery for all of their current carriers.

Working with Ensenda eliminated the distributor from having to manually audit hundreds of weekly invoices along with making payment to hundreds of carriers that did not support EDI.  Overall, Ensenda saved the distributor 14% on their transportation spend and provided a foundation for future service enhancements and continuous improvement.

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