Ensenda - Powering Last Mile Logistics

Technology Platform


With Ensenda shippers finally have the opportunity to take control of last mile delivery. We invest in the best technologies available to give us and our customers real-time tracking, customized reporting and collaborative issue management.

Customer Integration
For starters, integration with Ensenda is simple.  We work with customers to receive data electronically for all orders using a range of integration protocols including EDI, EDI-X12, AS2, XML, CSV and FTP.  Ensenda will create and manage all project timelines, testing environments and any required documentation.  We can also integrate with your call center CRM or ERP systems to empower business support groups. More

Visibility & Scanning
Ensenda racks orders online through a single platform. Orders can be tracked by date, origin, customer name or a customer specified tracking/order number.  Our platform supports various scanning protocols and easily integrates into websites to provide tracking information to your customers. More

Customized Reporting
In addition to tracking orders online, Ensenda offers flexible customized reporting.  Based on our customer’s needs we can adjust the content, availability, frequency and distribution of reports.  Reporting formats are flexible so that customers can measure the Key Performance Indicators that are relevant such as ranking carriers based on cost or quality.

Payment Processing
Ensenda’s platform allow customers to outsource the audit and account payable functions associated with managing a carrier network. Our systems streamline freight bill audit and pay by eliminating the need to review invoices from each carrier, removing the possibility of overcharging, and simplifying the claims management process.  Invoices and EDI feeds can also be custom formatted with GL codes that are recognizable by your accounting systems. More