Ensenda - Powering Last Mile Logistics

Visibility & Scanning


Ensenda’s platform tracks all your orders, across all markets, in one place. Orders can be viewed by date, origin, customer name or a customer specified tracking/order number.  Our platform supports various scanning protocols and easily integrates into websites to provide tracking information to your customers.

Benefits of Ensenda Visibility:

  • Online Portal
  • Flexible Real-Time Tracking
  • Multi-System Visibility
  • Standardized Event
    & Order Transmissions
  • Event Updates
  • Secured Data
  • User-Defined Permissions
  • Archiving Capability

Online Portal & Flexible Tracking
Our platform can be accessed anywhere at anytime. Our tracking is flexible enough that your customers can find their shipment even if they do not have the tracking number.  Our platform also integrates and populates customer systems with up-to-date information.  We can integrate with call center applications, order management systems such as SAP and even websites.

Ensenda Fills the Visibility Gap for an Office Supply Wholesaler

A national office supply distributor suffered from a lack of visibility and control over 30% of their daily shipments. These shipments were sent though a network of local carriers selected over the years by the staff at their distribution centers around the country. This patchwork of carriers handled 30% of the volume but left the call center, their distribution centers and their customers with no ability to track on these orders online, no access to proof of deliveries and no understanding of exceptions that occurred along the way.

Ensenda filled the visibility gap by integrating all of the carriers handling local shipments into the Ensenda platform. Suddenly all parties had increased visibility into order status for this important segment of their shipping. The call center could access proof of deliveries online real-time, the distribution center received real-time alerts about overages and shorts through the Ensenda system and customers could track on packages online. Ensenda also took over carrier management of the delivery network and was able to expand the geography served, eliminate poorly performing carriers and renegotiate carriers that were shown to be more expensive. An area that formerly was a gap for this office supply distributor quickly became a point of powerful differentiation against their competition.